Garissa County Acquires 2m Tons of Hydrogen and 1m Ton of Oxygen to Manufacture Their own Water

Faced with unending water shortage, Garissa County has resolved to get to the root of the problem and cut off all middlemen and processes that make it hard for them to get water.

The North Eastern County will soon start manufacturing its own water after acquiring vast volumes of Hydrogen and Oxygen, the two elements that are needed to make water.

“We have with us all the ‘raw materials’ needed to make water and it is just a matter of time before we get started. We will be able to provide every resident of Garissa with enough water for just anything, and we could soon start exporting this stuff all over the world. It is our innovative way around this problem.”

The solution could also be applied to other places facing similar challenges. “It is a solution that can be replicated in places such as Cape Town and Cairo.”

How comes nobody had ever thought of that?

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