Private School Hiring a Grade Influencer

A leading private school in Kenya is leaving nothing to chance when it comes to the performance of its students. This week, the unnamed school announced the opening of a new role of a grade influencer.

Signaling a move from the traditional motivational speakers, the use of a grade influencer has been regarded as a more modern approach and one that suits the social status of a top private school in Kenya.

“Traditionally, schools opt for motivational speakers but our approach is a little different. Our students are able to relate better with a grade influencer because this is the age of influencers. We are confident that it will work.”

It is expected that more schools will adopt this new position, according to Kenya Private Schools Association. However, what is the job description and the duties of a grade influencer?

From the job description, the grader influencer must be able to persuade students to study by use of inspirational speeches, rewards and action. This means that they are just another motivational speaker, but without the title. In addition, they should be able to investigate what works in other schools and replicate it in their school.

Go ahead and apply.


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