Government Halts Kazi Mtaani, advises youth to resume their Job seeking Jobs

Kazi Mtaani is one of the projects by the government which seemed to give youths -irregardless of their education qualifications- hopes for survival.
A huge number of graduates had embraced the project despite a low wage pay offered by the government.
Recent developments however have left the youths surprised and worried. In a press release be the government’s spokesman Colonel Ogunda, the government has advised the youths to go back to their Job seeking Jobs as it can no longer pay them.

In an phone interview with one of the government’s top officials named Mr Murathe ( whose exact job is not even known by even his boss but is said to earn more that the said both) he was emphatic that the government could not continue to pay the youths. He said
“We cannot sustain them, I mean we are spending a lot of money paying people who left their jobs to come work for us! We are going to channel that money to other Major projects of priority such as BBI.”

Asked for a comment, one of the wheelbarrow movement official stated that they are banking on that opportunity. “We will give them wheelbarrows as an empowerment. They can help them move faster when job seeking” he said.

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