Magufuli Warns that Covid-19 is only Deadly if you Know that you Have it

Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli has warned that Covid-19 is only deadly when you know that you have it, and the most effective strategy against the disease is to have nothing to do with it.

Highlighting the method that the country has used to fight the disease, Magufuli said that chances of one dying from Covid-19 when they do not know that they have it are slim, and the worst thing that any government can do is to allow the citizens to know that they have the disease.

“It is a strategy that has been working in Tanzania until recently. People were just okay with a ‘small cough’ here and there but right now we have enemies of Tanzania confirming to Tanzanians that it is Covid-19. These are the real killers, not Covid-19.”

The president urged Tanzanians to continue burying their heads in the sand as they have done in the past, saying that his government will ensure that no one tells them the truth, and if they do not know the truth, they will be safe from Covid-19 and any other conspiracy theory that the West builds.

At the same time, President Magufuli is expected to launch his brand of covid-19 masks that are free from Western interference. If that fails, he will reeducate Tanzanians that there is no covid-19.

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