Hopes that Moi Will Resurrect Dwindle One Year After Death

A year after the former president of Kenya Daniel Toroitich arap Moi passed on, hopes that he will one day resurrect and establish an everlasting dynasty in Kenya have nearly diminished.

Immediately after death, it was expected that Moi would rise again after three days. Days became weeks, weeks became months and the months are now turning into a year, yet the former president has not shown any sign of a resurrection. It is a situation that has left his political orphans a bit desperate since in politics, he was the game.

“We expected that Mzee would one day make a comeback, but we are getting a little impatient,” said an agitated Gideon Moi. “The plaque that covers the grave is still there, although we had patiently been waiting for it to be rolled away one random morning. It is not too late to give up hope but maybe this should be the time when we accept and move on.” Similar sentiments were echoed by Moi’s political protegee Kalonzo Musyoka and Uhuru Kenyatta. “Moi was a great prophet who prophesied that KANU will rule for a hundred years. The prophecy has turned out to be true and the least we expected was his presence to guide us through the 100 years. We still hope that he will return although to be honest, that is not a realistic expectation as of now.”

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