Opinion Polls Show Mukhisa Kituyi Most Popular Candidate on Social Media

Latest polls show that the former UNCTAD Secretary General Dr Mukhisa Kituyi is the leading presidential candidate for Kenya’s 2022 polls, but on Social Media.

In a poll that has zero margins of error, Mukhisa Kituyi is popular among Kenyans online with 27% of Kenyans supporting him and followed closely by the Governor of Makueni County – Professor Kivutha Kibwana with 24%. The other 19 candidates including the dynasty, hustlers and irrelevant come a distant with the best scoring just 5%.

The news was welcomed by Mukhisa Kituyi who handed in his resignation letter to the UN body this week in order to embark on a nationwide campaign ahead of the 2022 polls. “I am the leading candidate on Social Media and this will directly translate into votes. Most Kenyans are online and if they prefer me on Social Media, they will definitely do the same in real life.”

The news seems not to cause any stir among both the hustlers and the dynasties, with William Ruto laughing very hard at the opinion poll in a Peter Kenneth accent.

Even Raila Odinga seemed not to mind the polls, only smiling sheepishly and asking our reporter to ask Martha Karua to help us digest that information. Our reporter did not find anyone who doubted the polls, but for some reason no serious presidential candidate was worried about Mukhisa Kituyi.

Perhaps, they are in denial.

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