William Ruto Launches ‘Office of the Future President’

Kenya’s Deputy President who is also aspiring to become the president in 2022 has opened the Office of the Future President in preparation for taking over the presidency next year.

Speaking to his advisors, Dr William Ruto said that he took the necessary step to ensure that he was one step closer to becoming Kenya’s fifth president at a time when his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta, is increasingly campaigning against him.

“My friends, I am taking this seat come next year and right now the best thing to do is to start anticipating for it. This is why we are opening the office of the future president whose role will be to plan how the government will look like once I am in power, and how I will transform this country using wheelbarrows.”

The office swung into action immediately after the launch, with the first task of inventing an autonomous, flying, electric wheelbarrow starting off immediately.

The office will also ensure that the prophecy that Kenya’s 5th president will come riding a wheelbarrow is fulfilled.

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