Ravi Zacharias Downgraded from First Class to Economy Heaven after Sexual Misconduct Exposé

Ravi Zacharias, the famous Christian apologist who passed on in 2020 has found himself in the middle of a celestial storm after news of his sexual misconduct were confirmed by the ministry.

The information which was released this week detailed how the famed preacher engaged in sexual misconduct and abused various women in the latter days of his life, something that was not fully uncovered before his death. The news hit the Christian world hard, but it was Ravi himself who had the shock of his life when he was quickly ejected from the first class heaven to the economy class heaven.

The preacher who had already made himself comfortable in the best part of heaven where he would spend his days walking on streets of gold and reviewing his old arguments was forced to quickly pack his bags and move to the third world heaven, where he will be required to do some boring work like listening to prayers of hypocrites and other sinners.

So serious was the eviction that angel Gabriel went a few meters shy of pushing him past the pearly gates, where he would have been condemned to eternal damnation.

It was a sad moment for the cool friends that Ravi Zacharias had made at the First Class heaven, although great and famous people still dominate the third class heaven where the party never stops. Although the gold is not refined as much and access to Jesus is by appointment, the presence of people like the chain smoker CS Lewis and others maker the experience better than nothing, and definitely a real heaven compared to hell.

We hope that Ravi Zacharias will have a reflective time in the economy heaven.

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