Minute Maid Sued for Lasting for Less than a Minute

All minutes are not created equal. We know they vary depending on what exactly one is doing, and whether they are enjoying it. That is why January is long and December is short, despite having equal number of days.

A minute at the dentist lasts for 14 days while a minute on a Friday evening does not even exist. Those are the realities of life and people have learnt to live with them. But it is one thing to promise a real minute and not deliver it. This is what Minute Maid has been doing.

A single minute waiting for food to warm in front of a microwave takes about two working days. Click To Tweet

After promising to last for a whole minute, Minute Maid goes ahead to last for a few micro seconds, becoming the shortest minute ever promised in the history of history. This is now subject to a class action lawsuit by aggrieved users all over the world.

“We are suing Coca Cola because the minute they promise in Minute Maid is not there. They could have been honest enough and called it Zero Maid, but they went ahead to call it Minute Maid and the minute is not there. They need to compensate us.”

Several other minutes will also be subject to forensic review as more people become keener on getting value for their money.

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