New Employee Realizes that Life was Easier when they Didn’t have a Job

A newly employed man has had to face his worst fears when they realized that life in employment is not as easy as it was when they were jobless.

The man who had spent more than two years looking for a job had gotten used to the trappings of joblessness, where they could binge on NetFlix all day and wake up only if they ran out of sleep. However, having a job means that any of those was not possible and they had to make several adjustments to their lifestyle just to be in office every morning.

“I used to sleep whenever I wanted, eat whatever I felt like and travel wherever I wanted. Now I have to wake up early to beat the traffic and I spread the whole day looking at boring spreadsheets. It is obvious that I have had better days in my unemployed state.”

The situation is aggravated by the fact that before he got a job, he was being supported by his parents who would pay his rent, upkeep, and give him a little pocket money. Now the poor chap has to cater for all those bills and there is nothing left after paying the bills, just as it was before he got a job. “It is like all the fun was taken away from me, with no net financial gain.”

His not very unique experience illustrates the problems that employed people are facing, confirming that the government has the best interest of the unemployed when it encourages them to continue enjoying their state of joblessness.

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