United States Finally Legalizes Polygamy

The Supreme Court of the United States of America has moved to legalize polygamy after years of a blanket ban on the practice in all the fifty states.

Making the ruling, Justice Stephen Breyer said that time has come for the United States to recognize the rights of every ideology that exists in the US without discrimination.

“There is no need for our constitution to interfere with the bedroom matters of three consenting adults, as long as they do not negatively affect a fourth party. The decision to legalize polygamy is a major victory for the people of the United States.”

Many US Citizens had suffered under the oppressive laws that did not allow polygamy, and often had to relocate to Africa or Asia to enjoy the privilege. The ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States will now ensure that they are not discriminated against and their constitutional right to multiple spouses is respected.

Polyandrous Relationships

“The United States will from now henceforth allow a man to marry multiple wives (polygyny) and a woman to be married to multiple men (polyandry). We will also allow a group of marriages involving multiple husbands and wives, although for a start we will limit this to only 12 people in one group marriage.”

The ruling comes at a time when the United States has been busy lobbying for same sex marriages across the globe, yet continued to limit the rights of its citizens when it comes to polygamy. Following pressure from the African Union, Association of SouthEast Asian Nations and from the Middle East Countries.

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