YouTube Could soon Start Showing Videos Between Ads

Your YouTube experience is just about to get better after YouTube announced that they will soon start showing videos between ads.

In what could be a break from a tradition that has seen YouTube watchers forced to watch ads all day, YouTube will now feature some cool videos between ads, thus making it more fun for users.

“We know that people on YouTube would want to watch a few videos and not just ads the whole day. This is what we want to bring and it will be a great experience for everybody. The ads are good for the revenue, but we realize that it is not very popular when someone watches nonstop ads for two hours.”

Google will se a massive revenue drop with the new directive, but it is worth it considering they will bring more value to content creators. “My channel only shows ads. That means more money for me but it also means that subscribers do not get to watch the cool videos that I post. I hope there will be some balance between the two,” said one content creator.

Local TV stations are now be urged to bring some news between ads, instead of running only ads during prime time news.

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