2NK Sacco Faults GoK over Slow Vaccine Rollout

The famous 2NK SACCO has lashed out at the Government of Kenya over laxity in the Covi-19 vaccine rollout.

Arguing that even a garden slug would have performed better than GoK, the SACCO chair said that the government was causing Kenyans unnecessary pain, and it should have left the vaccination work to experienced hands such as 2NK SACCO.

“Vaccinating Kenyans is purely a logistical task, not medical. It should have been left to people in the transport industry who know this game. By now we would have vaccinated about 15 million people using the current 1.2 million doses.”

He further said that injections do not need trained medics, something that drug users have proved to us since the beginning of time. “Let the government give the vaccines to our drivers and we will be done by Friday. We will only vaccinate and not take selfies.”

Government Response

However, the government insisted that 2NK SACCO understanding of government policies is only theoretical and not practical.

“We have 1.2 million doses and only God knows when we will receive the next batch. If we vaccinate too quickly, we will run out of doses and Kenyans will roast us to death. The only viable route is a slow roll out as we figure out the next move.”

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