Politician Who Went to Alliance wants Hustler vs Dynasty Changed to Contrarian vs Establishment

The hustler-dynasty narrative has taken a new twist with elite politicians expressing discomfort with use of those terms.

Initially, some filthy rich politicians were uncomfortable being associated with the term hustler because they that is not who they are, while some upcoming guys wanted to be called dynasties despite the fact that they attended public schools.

That debate was settled, but now a bigger problem is at hand.

Politicians who went to alliance think that the term hustler and dynasty are too peasant to be used on them, and they would want those terms revised to reflect their state in the society as politicians.

“It is okay to have the current political discourse but the choice of terms is hurting all of us. Instead of using hustler and dynasty, why don’t we opt for contrarian and establishment? This carries more dignity and is befitting to some of us who went to Alliance.”

The change will take place immediately.

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