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Introverts Spend 11.9 Days in The Toilet Every Year

A silent pandemic that is robbing humanity of its productivity is the huge amount of time spent by introverts in the toilet every year.

Research by the Geneva based Institute of Human Existence shows that on average, introverts spend 47 minutes in the toilet every day, translating to 11.9 days every year. This is a point of concern to World leaders because the total productivity lost this time is equal to 0.9% of the world GDP. It may look trivial but remember the World GDP growth in 2020 was only 4.9%, which means introverts reduced this by 25%.

The finding highlights the negative impact introverts have on the wellbeing of the world, with leading economists calling for a medical intervention to this condition.

However, those interviewed said that this should not be a cause of alarm. “It is due to us that we have decent toilets because we always demand for them. Before introverts were invented, toilets were horrible places and they would always smell like toilets. We have changed all that.”

They also called for a ban in public toilets because there should never be public and toilets in one sentence. “A toilet is a very personal place and offices need to create at least one toilet for every officer. So should airplanes churches and schools. This idea of sharing toilets makes the whole experience unfulfilling.”

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