Jamaican Covid-19 Vaccine Causes a Stir

A promising new Covi-19 vaccine from Jamaica is causing excitement all over the world and rekindled hope that Covid-19 could end soon.

If you have been contemplating getting vaccinated, your choices have been limited to either the UK vaccine, US vaccine, Chinese vaccine or the Russian vaccine. Jamaica has come to change that narrative.

The Jamaican vaccine has a success rate of 99.9%, the highest recorded so far. It could actually have been 100% were it not for the need to respect statistics. This means that even if you have used the other vaccines, you would do well to beef up immunity with the Jamaican vaccine.

Unlike all the other vaccine from the big pharma that are keen on profits, the Jamaican vaccine is open source. It requires no refrigeration and can be made locally at home, once you get the ingredients right. This is bound to be a game changer because we can easily get the whole planet earth vaccinated in a record 100 days.

Announcing the vaccine, the head of Caribbean Institute for Health Research said that they will soon release the ingredients required to make the vaccine, together with a three step guide on how to get it done. Rumor has it that the vaccine involves a herb that can be grown almost anywhere, and it is either smoked, eaten raw or mixed with other foods.

“We are just about to release the recipe for the vaccine once we get WHO approval tomorrow. Those who plan to use the Jamaican Covid-19 vaccine will be at liberty to make it immediately. Those who lack resources can simply plant them and in three days the vaccine will be ready.”

Jamaica to the world!

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