Despair after Man Applies for Jobs with all The Registered Companies in Kenya

The promising career of a young man has come to an abrupt end after he made a job application to the last known registered company in Kenya.

This was the anticlimax of his job search which meant that he had nowhere else to apply for jobs, having sent his CV to over 450,000 registered companies and businesses in Kenya.

The man left college armed with papers, guts, and a list of contacts for all registered companies in Kenya. He knew that getting a job is a game of chance and to increase the chances, you increase the number of applications. Nobody warned him of the emptiness and voidness that would come if he run out of application options.

“I never envisioned a scenario where I would retire from employment before getting a job. I wish I had not been too quick to apply but that is a little too late know. I will now need to move to a second phase of life which I don’t even know which one, but I will start by relocating from Lower Kabete to Kayole.”

The experience has been painful. The man rarely received acknowledgement emails, and only twice did he get a regret email. One of those seemed to be computer generated. Only once was he shortlisted for an interview but this was cancelled due to Covid-19, after which the company went ahead to retrench some staff.

“Some of you do not even know that Gmail has a sending limit of 2000 emails per day. I was keen to stick to that rule and this made the application process very long. It has taken me over 250 days to finish emailing these companies. I also had to pay a lot of money to get their email addresses from the registrar of companies.”

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