Inside the Mind of KANU Candidate who Garnered 1 Vote in the London Ward Byelection

Losing an election is painful, but there are things that are generally worse than pain. This includes getting only one vote in an election.

This is the sad story of Joseph Kimani Njuguna who had decided to shelve his personal ambitions and serve mwananchi as an MCA for the London Ward. He gave it all, and he got back nothing.

After mobilizing a powerful team, setting up a campaign monitoring center, hiring staff and campaign staff, Joseph Kimani came a strong last after garnering a whole single vote in the by-election. This was a record set and Joseph Kimani becomes the most powerful loser in the history of democracy.

How did he get just one vote? Details are scanty, but we know that he voted. This leaves everyone with an explanation to give because he has family, friends, employees, supporters, KANU officials, former school mates and even spoilt votes. Statistically, he should have landed one stray vote to make two, but that did not even happen.

Not even the fear of Gideon Moi could help.

Joseph Njuguna needs to sit back and ask for a refund.

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