KEMSA Spends 29m on Security after Passersby Increase by 1856%

The Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA) has beefed up security on its premises after the number of pedestrian passersby increased by 1856% in the last three months.

The unusual phenomena have forced KEMSA to hire an advanced security team to guard its premises as the intent and motive of the passersby is not clear.

“The number of people eyeing our offices continues to grow and in the age of terrorism and different kinds of heists taking place, we had to take action. KEMSA is a critical agency to the well-being of Kenyans and we cannot take chances.”

Not surprising, the security company that has been contracted to offer additional security at the cost of 29 million go the contract by accident when their business development manager who also happens to be the owner of the company was passing by the agency.

PostaMate confirms that there is a big number of people passing by KEMSA every day. In the interview with some of the random strangers, it was discovered that these people have different motivations for their actions and many are increasingly getting frustrated. One person only wanted to get a job as a cleaner, but unofficial sources warned him that his ambitions are below the operating threshold at KEMSA.

One youthful entrepreneur had even attempted to set up his offices inside the KEMSA office and was met with a serious beating by the security guards. In another extreme case, another budding entrepreneur decided to supply goods to the agency even before KEMSA asked for them, in the hope that they would pay him as soon as they needed the goods. He is still waiting.

Perhaps, KEMSA should be moved the department of Defense.

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