Kenya Power Seeks Monopoly of Electric Vehicle Charging in Kenya

Kenya Power has sought a monopoly for charging all electric vehicles in Kenya, setting the stage for tears and pain in the future of transport in Kenya.

The electric utility firm that is known for daily reminding Kenyans that it exists wants to have control of all charging of electric vehicles in Kenya, raising questions on whether Kenya Power has run out of evil things to do.

“We want to be allowed to be the only ones who charge electric vehicles in Kenya,” said Kenya Power MD. “This is important for both our revenues and regulation of transport in Kenya, because we will have the power to stop vehicle movement where the government does not want people to move. We can also use the monopoly to keep employees in the office for longer since we will drain their car batteries.”

If granted, Kenyans will be denied from charging their electric vehicles using solar power because ‘solar can disrupt the space-time continuum,’ leading to some undisclosed consequences.


While it seems obvious that Kenya Power will get the exclusive right to charge all the electric vehicles in Kenya, other competitors are worried that they will be denied the important revenue that is associated with electric cars.

Mechanics at Grogon warned that involving Kenya Power in anything to do with vehicle could result to a situation where only Kenya Power technicians are allowed to repair vehicles, leading to loss of jobs. Matatu industry operators are also concerned that Kenya Power will be the one to decide if they go to work or not, once they switch to electric cars.

Politicians also want their vehicles exempted from charging the Kenya Power charging points alone because they offer essential services hence need a reliable service.

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