A Few Conspiracy Theories to Help you Come to Terms with the Death of Magufuli

While just a few days ago Magufuli had admitted that he can actually die and does not fear death, his death needs to be interpreted using the right conspiracy theories. This is especially so considering that in Africa we just can’t allow someone to die without pointing fingers or blaming a certain witch. We also do not take it kindly when a sitting president dies in office.

Here are a few theories to feed the algorithms;

Murdered in Kenya

It was reported that in his last moments, President Magufuli was flown to Kenya for treatment, somewhere opposite the Lee Funeral Home.

While it was not is wish to brought to Kenya, he had little say on the matter once his heart started failing. That is how ended up in Kenya.

Unfortunately, Kenyans had been waiting to have their revenge against the man who while alive, did not hide his hatred for Kenya. Kenyans wanted a pound of flesh nearest Magufuli’s heart. This is something they could easily achieve while he was admitted in Nairobi.

They could have easily transfused him with a goat’s blood, or replaced his pacemaker with one made at Kariobangi Light Industries. It would be great shame for Tanzania to admit that he was killed by Kenyans.

Fear Kenyans.

Assassinated by the West

Magufuli was an African nationalist who rarely travelled outside his country. He was skeptical of anything coming from the West, and did his best to promote African solutions including the Madagascar cure.

We know what they do to such leaders. They did it to Thomas Sankara. They have done it again.

Covid-19 had a Revenge

Magufuli believed all the lies he told. When he said that there was no Covid-19, he actually believed that. When he said that Covid-19 is a form of economic warfare, he believed it.

Despite being a wise man, the foolish part of him (which we all have) made him deny the existence of Covid-19. We can’t blame him for this because at any point, we have also done the same and doubted its existence. Some of us smoke against doctor’s advice, others never exercise and expect to stay fit, while others feed on junk everyday like hippos. We all have our share of stupidity.

However, Magufuli’s stupidity touched on a very delicate matter – Covid-19.

The virus hunted him for several months. When the Wuhan virus was unable to bring him down, it sent the UK and SA variants. Somehow they had their way.

He Knew he was dying, and was trying to Sink the whole Ship

For a long time, Magufuli behaved like a man who had nothing to lose. In fact, he admitted that he was not afraid of death. He was on a pacemaker and went all around with little regard for social distancing or fear of being poisoned.

If you connect the dots, you might notice that Magufuli was aware that his days were numbered, and was trying to sink the whole ship. This is why he was fighting masks and vaccines.

He actually went down with many.

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