Magufuli Launches his Own Mask Brand

Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli has launched the Magufuli-95 mask – a special mask that will be used in Tanzania.

The doctor of Chemistry announced the new perforated masks that are in line with Tanzania’s short- and long-term goals. He also warned that use of imported masks posed serious national security risks to the country. The new mask is 100% made in Tanzania and is dubbed Magufuli-95.

Informed by indigenous science and common sense, the masks make it easy for Tanzanians to breathe and speak. This is something that other masks do not guarantee. The masks form part of the Personal Protective Equipment line that will involve other related products.

“Breathing is an important aspect of life in Tanzania and the imported masks in the market do not address this aspect of life. We are making masks that make it easy to breathe and which promote the Bongo culture of ‘conversation at all time. This mask brand gives room for that.”

This is a huge turnaround for Magufuli who has been the leader of anti-maskers group, but has finally seen the light and advocated for mask wearing, albeit a different form of mask. Following the directive, use of any other type of mask is being discouraged, and in some places, banned.

Alternative Covid-19 Testing

Magufuli is also rumored to be working on an alternative Covid-19 test that is less invasive and does not compromise the dignity of Tanzanians. This is because the current tests majorly involve poking the nasal cavity with a 6 inch long swab; something that many people find uncomfortable. The alternative testing method involve the anal swab that is being done in China.

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