Patrick Amoth Develops Unusual Interest in Reggae Music after the Vaccine Jab

Acting Health Director General Patrick Amoth became the first Kenya to receive the Covid-19 vaccine in a camera field ceremony.

The good doctor had to shed his childhood fear of injections and put on a brave face for the camera, and honestly, he did a good job. One wonders why he has not been confirmed as the actual Health Director General. He has been dramatizing the post for too long.

That aside, the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine had the privilege of being administered to Dr Patrick Amoth as the first person in Kenya. This is a huge milestone for the vaccine – one that could easily boost its self esteem close to that of the Pfizer vaccine. While it was hoped that there would be no side effects, it obvious that that is not the case and Dr Amoth was the Guinea Pig.

The no nonsense doctor has been humming to some reggae music all day since the jab. This is despite the fact that Dr Amoth has never listened to music all his life, leave alone reggae music.

“I felt a burning sensation in my throat and when I opened my mouth, the words ion, lion and zion came out of my mouth in quick succession. I have also heard myself talk about shooting the sheriff, get up stand up, August town/house and football ground becoming my battlefield. I don’t know what all this is about but it must be related to the vaccine.”

Minutes after these side effects of the virus were announced, renowned Kenyan politician and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga demanded to have 15 doses of the vaccine administered to him.

Jaba Base operators were also seen increasing their stock in anticipation of more business once more Kenyans are vaccinated.

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