Man who Received Free Tuition, Food, Boom and Ready Job Wants Graduates to Pay HELB Loans Quickly

A local old man has expressed his frustrations with the Kenyan graduates after it emerged most of them have not been paying their HELB loans due to the prevailing tough economic conditions.

Terming it as the sure sign of irresponsibility by the recent graduates, the man said that he doesn’t understand why these people don’t want to pay their HELB loans. “I know they do not have jobs, but at least they should pay their loans. We need a country where young people pay their loans. Let them know that whatever happens, loans exist to be paid!”

Not even a clarification that they do not have jobs could change the old mind. “If they do not have jobs, let them find jobs. If they can’t find jobs, let them be creative and employ themselves. Wallowing in self-pity won’t help when they have a loan to pay.”

No HELB Loan to pay

While undergraduate students need loans for their studies today, it was not the same for the old man. Research shows that he was given free food, free tuition, accommodation, book allowance and was even paid to study. On the contrary, young people pay fees, pay for food, pay for accommodation, and support their parents. They also do a few side hustles because the risk of starving to death is real.

These are the same young people who are being accused of being lazy. Let the thunder do its work.

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