Magufuli Bows (to Pressure from KoT)

President John Pombe Magufuli, the benevolent dictator who has ruled Tanzania for the last six years, has finally decided to prove Kenyans on Twitter right.

Tired of being killed while he was fighting for his life, Magufuli expressed his frustrations with Kenyans in twitter who could hardly let him breathe, let alone breathe his last.

Even when he was alive and busy keeping Tanzania as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Kenyans on Twitter criticized him more than they criticized their corrupt leaders. They killed him several times, and they even set up Funeral Committees to oversee his burial.

Magufuli was left with no option but to fulfill KoT’s wish. In his last words, he said that he wished to see Kenyans on Twitter now prosper since he was out of their way. “May they have food on their tables, may they get likes and retweets, may they get the jobs they wanted.”

RIP Magufuli.

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