Uhuru Promises Every Kenyan 2 Million Shillings if BBI Passes

President Uhuru Kenyatta has made a bold move to give every Kenyan aged 18 years and above KShs 2 million if BBI passes in the upcoming referendum.

Noting that 2 million shillings had proved to be sufficient to tilt MCAs to support the Bill, Uhuru said that he would extend his generosity to all Kenyan citizen in exchange for passing the BBI.

“If MCAs are happy with 2 million shillings, why shouldn’t all other Kenyans enjoy the same? Every Kenyan matters and we are going to ensure each Kenyan receives the grant, but on condition that they pass the BBI once the referendum is called.”

The announcement was received with excitement by Kenyans wo felt that for the first time, Uhuru Kenyatta is giving them the respect they deserve, and not the usual tshirts and lessos issued during the election campaigns. An attempt by some leading economists to block the grants was met with extreme hostility and they had to withdraw their objection and work on making the program successful.


But how viable is the plan? Can Kenya afford to give every Kenyan aged 18 years and above KShs 2 million?

The whole project would cost less than KShs 50 T which is within the range of what Kenyans can afford to borrow. However, borrowing will not even be necessary because BBI will lead to accelerated economic growth, making it possible for the country to afford the money.

The promise is likely going to influence how Kenyans vote. The hustlers who are opposed to BBI are the ones in desperate need of money, hence any opposition to BBI has effectively been dealt with.

President Kenyatta also reminded Kenyans that after BBI passes, he will finish up the pending projects of five stadiums and laptops for class one children.