God Fearing Man Unaware that the Book of Abraham Does not Exist

A God fearing man who has been consistently attending church for the last 17 years was left with an egg on the face when he confidently quoted the book of Abraham during an online church service.

The man who is well versed with the Holy Book was so confident that the book of Abraham exists, to the extent that he had prepared a mini sermon out of the book.

In his five minute sharing, the man talked of how Abraham was to give his son Isaac as a shadow of Jesus Christ. He said that during this Easter period, Christians should understand that the sacrifice for our sins was voluntary, just as the one recorded in Abraham 26:8-19.

The scripture mention sent deacons panicking and searching for the right scripture to correct the error before it could permanently be etched in church doctrines. However, the man could not be swayed to change the reference. Instead, he asked fellow members to read the verse during their free time since they had limited time online.

“I want to call upon all of us to explore the matter from the book of Abraham chapter 26 and think of it in line with the Easter message. Abraham is my favorite book in the Bible and this story always inspires hope.”

Many members seemed to nod in agreement.

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