Uhuru Leads Cabinet in Celebrating the Fools’ Day

President Uhuru Kenyatta today led the Cabinet in commemorating the Fools’ Day at State House Nairobi.

The meeting that was attended by all Cabinet Secretaries sort to highlight the role that foolishness plays in the development of the country, noting that foolishness was an integral partner in the running of the great nation of Kenya.

“My government appreciates the role of foolishness in the socio-politico agenda of this country.” Said the president. “All of us are in our respective positions because of the foolish choices that Kenyans have made in the past. We can also bank on Kenyans’ foolish choices to sustain us past 2022. It is thus necessary for us to celebrate this day.”

He also warned the political class not to laugh at Kenyans’ foolish choices because they are part of them.

While a Fools Day cabinet meeting seems a little extreme, Kenyans were okay with it. Most said that although they made foolish choices at the ballot, they will make it even by insulting the leaders on Social Media, but then vote for the same people in 2022.

This was further confirmed by a research that showed that Kenyans are planning to change all political forests in 2022, but retain the same experienced monkeys.

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