KEMSA Board Thanks Uhuru for the Opportunity to Eat

The outgoing KEMSA Board has expressed a heartfelt thanksgiving to president Uhuru Kenyatta for the time he gave them a chance to eat at KEMSA.

Speaking shortly after the ousting, KEMSA Board chair Kembi Gitura said that they were happy for the opportunity that Uhuru had granted them to eat, and now they move on to feast on the loot away from the public eye.

“It was good while it lasted. The pandemic provided the best opportunity to milk the coffers. The kickbacks and the direct theft fattened our pockets. We now move on to enjoy the fruits of our labor without the pressure from media, Kenyans or civil societies.”

Most of those who left the board said that they were glad that they had been able to beat poverty through KEMSA, and asked those who are given the same slots to continue with the great legacy that they have left behind. Some of the great exploits the board oversaw include several heists, wastage of donated drugs, distribution of expired drugs and several minor scandals that don’t attract the media. They also made KEMSA a tourist attraction, leading to an increase in passersby at the KEMSA offices.

The members also said that they are willing to take on lighter duties such as governors and senators, or even leading political parties.

President Kenyatta wished them well in their future endeavors.

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