Sputnik V Okay if Imported by Approved Cartels – MoH

Kenya has once again changed tune on the use of the Russian made Covid-19 vaccine, allowing the use of Sputnik V vaccine only if imported by the right cartel.

A directive from the Ministry of Health said that Sputnik V vaccine was welcome in Kenya only if it was imported by the government leaning cartels such as those in KEMSA. This would effectively bar any cartel that is associated with Deputy President or any other person in opposition.

“We have no problem with the efficacy or safety of Sputnik V, but we would want them to follow the right channels. The Ministry of Health has several official cartels that are allowed to import the vaccine. We cannot allow new cartels when the existing ones are not even getting enough tenders.”

While the Ministry did not reveal exactly who had imported the first consignment, it is evident that the official cartels were sidelined. “A functioning health care system requires in addition to healthcare providers, an organized cartel. If we bypass the right cartels, we risk crippling the healthcare systems and everybody loses. We also cannot allow outsiders to eat from healthcare when we already have our own established cartels.”

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