Kenyan Man Sends a Marriage Proposal to Queen Elizabeth

A Kenyan man by name Wafula could soon make history after his marriage proposal to Queen Elizabeth was received at the Buckingham Palace.

Hours after the position of Prince Consort fell vacant following the death of Prince Philip, Wafula moved with speed and used a private courier service to get his proposal to the queen, even offering to pay all the expenses for the first date.

In an interview, the man said that he is willing to lay aside all his ambitions and concentrate on being the new Prince Consort, a great sacrifice indeed. He added that even his thriving hardware business in Kimilili town can be absorbed to be part of ‘The Firm.’

“Time is ripe for the Duke of Kimilili. Kenya and England have a great history and giving this position to a Kenyan would serve as a reparation for historical injustices during the colonial era. It will also help repair the tainted image of the royal family, which has been accused of racism.”

The 45 year old man is a senior bachelor in Western Kenya and has a good mastery of the Queen’s language, something he thinks is an added advantage.

Culture Differences

While some people think that it is too soon to send a marriage proposal to the queen, Wafula thinks otherwise. “My culture allows it, and as you might imagine, the proposal had been pre-drafted and deposited with my lawyer in London. I was just waiting for the opportunity to come. It has cost me a fortune but I was planning to be the first one.”

He further added that he was keen on bringing diversity to the Kingdom, just as Prince Philip had done. “My tribe is keen on diversity, and I am just taking this even further. We are known to aim for highest and I have waited for this opportunity for almost 30 years.”

While it is expected that the Queen could ignore the man, the details of the proposal are said to be irresistible, should the queen opt to read. Drafted by a team of 16 consultants who include a renowned love consultant, royal family consultant and a masculinity coach who helped Prince Harry ‘secure’ Meghan Markle, the proposal has the rigth words to sway the queen.

At least, the Queen may not need to use an online dating service.

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