Interview with Student who came Last in 2020 KCPE

You’ve probably read about Faith Mumo, the student who topped 2020 KCPE and was all over the news. At worst, you read the story of parent who sued school after child scored 96 marks in 2020 KCPE. This is what makes news, so we took time to find the student who came last and give you the other side of the story.

Our reporter took time to find the pupil who goes by the name Mutegi, and is based in Tharaka Nithi County. Due to the sensitivity of the matter, we cannot name the school for the effect it will have on the self esteem of the teachers.

We caught up with him at a bodaboda shed in Marimanti, where he carries out his trade. He has been operating a bodaboda since the pandemic began, and he is quite good in it. Turns out he was shocked that we were interested in his story, and it took a lot of convincing for him to agree to speak to us. He actually asked for KShs 1000 as a payment which we did.


Tell us about your KCSE Results.

I scored 42 marks. Marks have never been my thing. I am happy that I am done with primary school.

Did you expect that?

Expect what?

To become the last in KCPE.

Are you sure I am the last person? As I told you, positions do not matter to me. I went to school. I got what I got. Everybody gets some marks and I got mine.

How was the preparation for the exams?

The exam came and I did what I could. There was no special preparation needed for exams. It is life and life you just live. Most of the preparation is done by the teachers.

Are you looking forward to secondary school?

Of course, yes. I want a day school which will allow me to study while I do my boda boda business. This is very important for my future. One day I will be a millionaire and buy a lorry.

How did you buy your motorbike?

I used to sell charcoal. I have been saving since I was in class four and when I managed KShs 37,000, my uncle topped it up and we bought the bike. It is registered under him since I do not have an ID, and we share the proceeds. I get more than him because I am the one riding.

How much do you make per day?

Sometimes 500. Sometimes 200. Yesterday I had a puncture so I made nothing.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Top students said that they want to become doctors, engineers…etc.

(Laughing) I just want to grow up and make a lot of money. It doesn’t matter how one makes their money.

Why do you think you performed poorly in KCPE?

I do not know.

What advice do you have for those who performed very well?

I do not have any advice.


Are you good in maths and reading?


Can you read this paper for us?

Places the paper two meters from his eyes and reads fluently, but slowly.

Do you have an eye problem? Why are you reading from afar?

I do not have an eye problem. I can see people, road signs etc. What I do is to put documents far from my eyes in order to see them.

How then did you read the 2020 KCPE questions and mark the papers?

They do not allow one to place papers two meters away. I just did what I could.

How old are you?


What message do you have for those who are struggling in life?


Do you have any question for us?

No, but one of my motorbike tires is worn out. Can you help me get a new one?

Our reporter bought Mutegi the new tire, and bought him lunch. Since then, he has been thinking about that interview and that is why we did not publish it in time.

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