Kenyan Middle Class Adventurists Discover Northern Kenya is actually in Kenya

A section of Kenyan middle class domestic tourists is continuously baffled by discovering that Northern Kenya is actually in Kenya and not “North of Kenya”

The discovery has led to increased tourist activities in the north with regular safari trips being organized. At the moment, dozens of Kenyans are talking about Chalbi desert, Marsabit National Park, Lake Turkana and Mount Kulal.

“Oh my God! I could not believe it. I saw Kenyan flags flying in Chief’s offices in Marsabit. I saw Kenyan police officers in a place called North Horr.” said a first-time visitor. “I was very sure that Northern Kenya was somewhere in Mars but it seems that it is right here in Kenya.”

This discovery has left locals in the north baffled by the visitors who ask them to pose for all manner of pictures.

“Nilikua nathani wengine ni black Americans wametoka huko kumbe ni watu tu wa hapa Kenya!” Said a young man who reached out to PostaMate.

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