Piers Morgan Blames Black Elements for Untimely Death of Prince Philip

English broadcaster, journalist, writer, television personality and topmost English Racism promoter Piers Morgan has blamed the untimely death of Prince Philip on some unnamed black skins that could have brought the evil spirit of death to the Royal family.

Noting that the colour of death is black, Piers Morgan argued that the grim reaper has always been black, and thus a black person must answer for this untimely death.

“I don’t mean to be speculative but who else looks like death in that family? You know back is the colour of death. You know what I am talking about.”

“The Duke of Edinburgh was such a young man and his life has just been cut short by the dark forces. I had warned that there is nothing good that can come out of a skin that looks like death. Now I am vindicated.”

He further said that he was most saddened by the untimely death of Prince Philip, adding that he was even sadder than Queen Elizabeth. “I am devastated, but I cannot keep quiet when the kingdom needs me most. I will pursue justice for the Duke of Edinburgh to the ends of the world.”


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