High Court Revisits the Executive after Failure to Appoint 41 Judges

The high Court in Kenya has paid the Executive a legal visit and given the president a taste of what it feels to have the law against you. This follows the high court ruling that declared the Building Bridges Initiative not only an illegality, but a very stupid mistake.

In the ruling that was delivered by Justices Ngugi, Odunga, Ngaah, Matheka, and Mwita, the high court reminded the president that the judiciary exists, and even failure to appoint judges will not lead to lack of justice.

“We have revisited. It was a cold evening and we had to serve the justice cold because it works better that way. Let the president get a cup of porridge, sit down and enjoy his misery. He asked for it. We have given him.”

The judges said that the illegality of the whole process was so obvious that it could even be seen from space. How to men were unable to see that is what shocked the whole country.

Classic Revenge

While both the president and the people’s president never expected the judiciary to revisit, the high court took the familiar path and served justice, something the duo is not familiar with.

Legal experts said that President Uhuru Kenyatta was not very conversant with justice, and to have it served cold and raw was not something he was interested in. “He is used to being the law. Today he meets the law and it is messy and noisy. Let him know that the law he wants to change has a voice of its own.”

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