Divorce Reason: Bill Gate Demanded Too Many Updates from Melinda Gates

Reliable sources have confirmed that Bill and Melinda Gates have opted for a divorce following unknown differences. What are reasons for the divorce? PostaMate can now reveal.

Although the couple has asked for privacy, they are still hoping that the divorce will attract as much publicity as possible. This is why they asked PostaMate to share their divorce story so as to fuel the publicity.

According to Melinda, Bill Gates has been demanding for too many updates of late, something that Melinda was unable to keep up with.

“At the beginning, I could tolerate all these update requests. I had to transform several times as Bill demanded and the emotional toil was out of this world. Now I am getting old and it is just hard to keep updating oneself. Besides, Bill Gates has also updated himself to something that I did not sign up for. Divorce is inevitable.”

The allegation was also confirmed by Bill Gates who was the first to confirm the divorce.

“Yes, I am very keen on updates, and I always want to control the whole process to the desired results. If I am updating Bill Gates, a careless move would result to Billy Goat, which no one wants. Updates must be done regularly and done right. Melinda could not keep up.”

Other reasons for Bill and Melinda Gates Divorce

What kind of updates did Bill ask for? The answer is simple. All.

According to Melinda Gates, Bill wanted all the updates that one could ever imagine. “He needed me to update my way of thinking, my mental state, my energy levels and even my patience with stupid people. He wanted me to update him on state of malaria in all the villages in Uganda and whenever I said no, he would force a restart. We would start taking dinner all over again!”

The couple also experienced too much background data usage, something that had not been revealed before their marriage.

On his part, Bill Gates mentioned the many notifications that he was receiving from Melinda Gates, all of them unsolicited. “You can’t even focus on a PowerPoint presentation. She keeps popping up all the time. Disgusting.”

The couple is now working in safe mode, where all marital rights have been withheld.

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