Senior Government Drivers Will Soon Get their Own Drivers

Senior government drivers in Kenya will now enjoy the benefit of having their own drivers following the signing of a new collective bargaining agreement.

From July 2021, drivers attached to VIP service will get an assigned driver to help them run their errands so that they do not have to drive themselves. This will give them time to focus on their key duties of driving very important people in Kenya.

Speaking during the signing of the agreement, labor CS Simon Chelugui said that VIP drivers face the challenge of constantly switching from luxury to ordinary cars when driving self and driving VIPs. “This constant switch is very tasking and may make them inefficient when on duty. Besides, they have already attained sufficient feeling of ‘importance,’ making it hard for them to engage in ordinary activities such as driving themselves around.”

The caste driver system will help create employment to many Kenyans since there is an oversupply of labor in both existing and non-existing professions. If you know a VIP driver working for the government, go ahead and apply to be their driver.

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