Elon Musk’s Son X Æ A-12 Turns 18 after a Year of Growth Hacking

Elon Musk and Grimes have confirmed that their son X Æ A-12 has successfully managed to reach the majority age after one year of intensive growth hacking.

Musk announced that they had utilized a well known concept in the tech and marketing world to give their son accelerated growth, adding that the traditional method of bringing up children leads to waste of precious years. Instead of turning one on May 4th, he is now turning 18.

“We opted to growth hack. There is no point letting a baby grow up slowly while you know great opportunities are waiting. We used a number of experts to achieve a rare feat which can now be replicated all over the world. This is the basis of my next startup; BabyBoom.”

Accelerated Growth

It is rumored that Elon Musk used a combination of Growth hackers, geneticists, Pediatric motivational speakers and several other unnamed experts to achieve the fete.

At just one year of age, X Æ A-12 now has the looks, the intelligence, education and the attitude of an 18-year-old Martian. He has been found to be too much smart for planet earth and plans are now underway to equip him to lead life on Mars. He has also done a six month internship at SpaceX and NASA, where he was instrumental in designing the selfie stick for the Mars Rover.

Legal Concerns

Officials from Department of child services refused to comment on Elon Musk’s unconventional parenting strategy, saying that their mandate is only limited to normal human beings.

Musk did not say whether X Æ A-12 has a driving license already, although it is said that he is able to command an autonomous vehicle in Mars. His new startup that is focused on baby growth hacking is said to be working on a legal framework that will allow growth hacked baby to be granted a majority age status after one year of residence on earth.

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