Muscular Based Violence on the Rise

Cases of muscular based violence are on the increase all over the world.

The World Health Organization has asked the UN Security Council to look in to the matter with haste, arguing that lives of weak people are at stake.

“Reported cases of muscular based violence have been on the rise in the last 60 years. Strong people seem to be beating weaker people whenever they want, and the weak people have little means to fight back. This is something WHO is worried about, and we want NGOs to rise up and start tackling this problem.”

How comes it is the muscular people who are using violence against their non-muscular counterparts? Psychologist Blessed Njugush weighed in on the matter and tried to explain the reasoning behind it.

“When you are strong, you are more likely to use violence against your opponent. For people who are not muscular, violence is not an option. This is why you see teachers using violence because they are grownups with muscles, while their opponents are minors.”

The trend of muscular based violence has been observed in almost all places. In prisons, the strongest prisoners call the shots. In schools, muscular students are safe from any form of violence, except where opponents gang up. In bars, less muscular people are always trying to keep safe because one wrong move can make a Goliath sized patron to crush you in his fist.

Notable Exception

The only exception is where weapons are used. People who are less muscular but armed have been known to mete out violence on more muscular opponents. A weapon significantly changes the balance of power.

It is also one way of deterring violence, but it is not very effective because the muscular opponent can also get a weapon of their own.

How then can this problem be solved?

The answer lies in pursuing world peace, and a new world order where violence will not be needed. Unfortunately, their lacks the motivation or financial incentives to pursue that.

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