Ruto Hires 47 Motivational Speakers to Lead his 2022 Presidential Bid

Deputy President William Ruto has contracted 47 motivational speakers who will lead his political campaigns ahead of his 2022 presidential bid.

Welcoming the team of motivational speakers at his Karen residence, Ruto said that the 47 people would bring the much needed motivation to the lean team he has been operating, and would help shape the narratives that would be told in all the 47 counties.

“The motivational speakers are here not only to internally motivate our political thinktank, but also to come up with the stories that we will tell Kenyans. Economics models are good, but nobody relates to those. Wanjiku only wants to hear sweet stories of hope, and this is what this team will inject into our campaign strategy. We must aspire to inspire Kenyans into the desired future.”

The competitively recruited team of 47 motivational speakers consists of the finest minds and the richest people in Kenya. This is an indication that their motivational speaking works. Ruto said that one of them had actually helped him during his days of selling chicken on the roadside, and his success today is a proof that motivational speeches work.

Opposition Feeling the Pressure

Already, the team is causing jitters among his opponents, with Raila Odinga hoping that a BBI win will produce a big enough feel-good mood to overcome the effects of motivational speakers. Presidential candidate Mukhisa Kituyi is also feeling the pressure, and is not sure on whether to continue selling his good governance policies or just get his own team of motivational speakers.

Another presidential candidate, Reuben Kigame, dismissed the motivational speakers, saying that his own story is enough motivation for any Kenyan who needs motivation. He also pointed to the existence huge variety of uplifting music in Kenya as proof that the country needs no more motivation.

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