Uhuru Blames BBI Failure on ‘Scarecrow Attorney General’

The president has blamed the absence of a substantive attorney General in Kenya for the anti BBI ruling that was delivered by the High Court this week.

In a leaked WhatsApp chat with the famous six – David Murathe, Francis Atwoli, Raila Odinga, Gideon Moi, Kalonzo Musyoka and Muhoho Kenyatta, Uhuru said that Kenya lacks an Attorney General and a decent scarecrow would outperform the current AG office.

“I am tired of this office. Even a scarecrow would do better in terms of legal opinions and common sense. What we are getting is one embarrassment after another, and there is no hope for growth or improvement.  I need an Attorney General!”

The president went ahead to complain how the current Attorney General admitted that he has never read the new constitution, and believed that it is not necessary to read such a long document because it has no consequences. Uhuru said that he was forced to read the constitution for himself, but due to busy schedule he could not go past the third page which is basically a glossary of terms.

Learned friend Kalonzo Musyoka wondered why Uhuru Appointed the current AG if he knew that he would not perform, while Murathe asked Uhuru to simply ignore the Attorney General and operate as if the office did not exist.

On his defense, Uhuru said that he did not know that the Office of the Attorney General is consequential, and said that he just offered the job to someone who needed it.

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