Government Printer Waiting for Opportune time to Gazette the Postponement of 2022 General Elections

Kenya’s 2022 General Elections have already been postponed to 2023, but the government printer is yet to find an appropriate time to gazette the postponement.

If you think it is easy for the Government Printer, then it is clear that you do not think. This is because the printers must always read the mood before releasing sensitive information, and this involves waiting sometimes for months. Luckily, with the flip flop politics that are dominant in Kenya, the wait doesn’t last too long.

In some cases, the government printer waits for the relevant bodies to create some good scandals before they can gazette ill thought directives. Other times, the events just happen by chance. In some cases, both tactics must combine.

This is the case for the postponement of the 2022 elections. After the judiciary made it impossible to hold the referendum in time for the elections, the handshake government opted to postpone the elections. This is to ensure that the most important BBI, more important than the elections, must go on at all costs.

However, communicating this information is not easy because Kenyans are weaklings who cannot handle some truths. They need to be prepared for it, and must be made comfortable with the postponement. The way to achieve this s not yet known, but the deep state is working on it.

Of course, voter registration is yet to start, although there are over four million Kenyan youths who have turned 18 in the last five years. In addition, IEBC still doesn’t have enough commissioners, and their appointment might take even a year. There is just too much in the recipe.

Expect the announcement soon.

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