6 Kinatwa SACCO drivers to Participate in the WRC Safari Rally Kenya

The WRC Safari Rally Kenya has been injected with new energy after six Kinatwa Sacco drivers confirmed that they will be participating in the rally slated for 24th – 27th June 2021.

Confirming the participation, Tourism CS Najib Balala said that the inclusion of local talent into the rally would teach the world that there is more to racing than rallies, and Kenyans are already on another level of Safari Rally.

“We need to show them that we are cut from a different material. Racing is not about money, but mentality. Kinatwa Sacco has the talent and it will be our time to shine.”

The six participants said that getting accepted was a little harder than expected since they have not participated in conventional rallies before, although their skills are world famous. “They wanted us to have navigators and use conventional racing cars instead of matatus. Most of us felt that navigators could slow us down, but we obliged. However, they agreed to let us use our matatus because that is what we are trained for. We will be taking matatus to a new high.”

Miraa Probox

There are also plans to include a few Miraa drivers into the line-up, although this has not been confirmed due to technical and mental challenges. The organizers said that Miraa and Muguka drivers were hesitant to participate because they will be at work, and their absence from work might positively impact the people who depend on Miraa and Muguka every day.

It has also been established that it is not easy to reach them since they do not have an organized group for official engagement, and many do not even have phones.

Should the miraa drivers opt to participate in the WRC Safari Rally Kenya, the balance of power will completely shift towards Kenya, and Safari Rally will become another marathon.