Frustrated BMW Owner Finally Acquires his Own Flatbed Truck

Local man scored an own goal against capitalism this week after he found an ingenious solution to having to pay for a flatbed every day to tow his only car, a BMW.

The thirty something year old man has lived at the mercies of towing companies since he acquired a BMW three years ago, with some even trailing him every day for the assured gig. Whenever a deal came through and he made some money, his BMW would always be waiting and a previously unknown warning light would come alive on the dashboard. He would have to call a flatbed.

This was negatively affecting his business, because it was obvious that he living and working solely for the flatbed owners. Even on a good day, a strange light would show up and the BMW would stall. The most common of them was the ‘check the whole car’ warning light.

Finding a BMW Flatbed

This is the situation that pushed him to a corner and he had to be inventive. After figuring out that he spends half his waking time looking for or riding in a flatbed, he decided to get to the root of the problem.

The man decided to buy his own flatbed truck, solely for personal use. With some money he had recently made from a government tender, he went straight to a local dealer and acquired the flatbed. He is now assured of unlimited mobility, for now he can ride in his BMW or in the flatbed truck, together with his BMW.

Interviewed, the man expressed frustrations that he could not get the right model of a flatbed truck since BMW does not seem to sell any flatbed trucks. “I was forced to get this local thing – I think they call it Tayota. Sorry, To-Yo-Ta. Its all I could get.”

He is now calling on his fellow BMW owners to take the bold step and cut the problem at its roots by getting a flatbed truck.

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