“Its Bottoms all the Way Down” – Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto has been forced to defend his planned bottom-up economic model after his close allies and advisers ran out of words to explain the core pillar of his presidential campaign.

Bottom-up is the magic wand that William Ruto and his team plan to use to transform the country, if elected, and is the center of everything that his team has been speaking about. However, nobody really knows what this Bottom up thing is all about, and nobody had bothered to ask until this week.

Several tangatanga architects tried to explain the bottom up model without success. Itumbi admitted that they are yet to figure out what it is about, Ndii said that they will craft it in July 2022, Ichungwa said that it was about giving money to the people at the bottom, and Alice Wahome said it was starting from the bottom and going down.

Frustrated that nobody could figure out what it was, William Ruto took matters on his own mouth and decided to settle the debate once and for all.

“Bottom up means starting at the bottom, then supporting those people at the bottom with another people at the bottom, and then more people at the bottom, until everybody at the bottom is finally standing on their own.”

Asked by Waihiga Mwaura what the last people at the bottom would stand on, Ruto did not bat an eyelid. “Do not try to get clever with me, Waihiga. It is bottoms all the way down!”

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