KRA to Limit Filing Nil Tax Returns to Three Times

Kenya Revenue Authority is planning to limit the number of times that a person can file nil returns to three years, the maximum time after which a human being must be commercially viable.

Speaking during a taxpayers sensitization week, KRA director general said that an increasing number of Kenyans were filing nil returns, yet their economic fortunes seem to be improving. This is the reason why KRA will not allow people to continue filing nil returns all their lives, even when evidence shows that some are just about to go into retirement.

“We know then and see them every day. Some of them drive high end Subarus and are in entertainment joints every day. They live in Kilimani and spend their time flaunting their flashy lifestyle on Instagram. How on earth can they claim they have zero income?”

Following the directive, Kenyans will be expected to work towards profitability within three years of acquiring a KRA PIN. Those who fail to achieve economic viability will risk losing access to government services.

The directive was supported by the National Treasury, who said that the move was long overdue. “Capitalism has no room for anybody who is not paying taxes. If you have a KRA PIN, act your part and give KRA something every year. No nation has ever found its way to prosperity through filing nil returns.”

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