Inside the Mind of that Girl Wearing a Short Skirt in this Cold Weather

Kenyan winter is at its peak and everyone is crying, except that girl who is wearing that extremely short skirt in this weather. While fully grown men who go to the gym three times a week and pay all their taxes are shivering in the office, this girl in a short skirt is still holding on strong and does not think the cold is worth mentioning. She only comments about how cloud computing is causing extreme weather variations, and not the cold in Nairobi. She is immune.

How does she manage this? How can a warm blooded creature defy all the laws of logic, common sense, physics, economics and nature? She doesn’t even hail from Limuru and has never been outside Kenya, yet she is mocking the sun with a short skirt in the cold Nairobi weather.

She is definitely cold blooded. That is why she has a cold heart- if you have not yet figured that out. How else would a warm-blooded animal survive in Nairobi with half the body surface area exposed to the elements? Be warned. She is cold blooded, has a cold heart, and can murder you in cold blood. Keep off.

Unique is Exotic

She also knows that luxury is in being unique. If everyone else has it, it is not luxurious. The only way to appear luxurious and exotic is to be different from everybody else. That is why when other human beings are wearing duvets to work, she chooses not to wear. Her pursuit for uniqueness supersedes the risk of catching pneumonia or something worse.

She lives by a code; my dress, my choice. Unfortunately, it is all a play of words because she does not choose the dress out of free will, but out of what people will think about her. She is trying to create an image in people’s minds, that is why she must stick to the short skirt even when virtual snow is falling. Her mission in life is Instagram, online and offline Instagram.

The point that there is a lot going on in her mind reveals something that many people do not know, that she has a mind. She has a mind, in spite of the weird choices that she has made. She made a conscious decision to wear a short skirt in this cold Nairobi weather.

Does she feel cold. Nobody knows. Experts do not know. Coworkers can only speculate. She chooses not to comment on such matters.

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