Vegetarianism rises by 33% Spurred by Tough Economic Conditions

Vegetarianism and veganism have experienced a major boost in the world in the past 15 months, with number of people who have decided to keep off animal products increasing by 33%.

Data from various sources show that more and more people are getting the Indian inspiration and opting to leave animals in peace. While tastes have not changed, pockets have greatly changed and this is the motivation for the switch.

“The cost of animal products has not changed, but people’s incomes have,” Said a WFP representative. “Rather than admit that poverty is affecting them, people are opting to forgo animal based proteins and adopt vegetarianism. It is working for them.”

In Kenya, many middle-aged men were shocked to learn that legumes contain proteins, and were glad to make the switch, motivated by the prevailing economic conditions. “Proteins are the most expensive part of any meal, and playing about with them can have serious economic ramifications. When you forgo beef for beans, your cost of food reduces by 90%, meaning that you can work nine times less for the same quality of life.”

The only place where people have defied the switch to plant based proteins is in North America, where they would have to forgo oversized trucks before proteins can have any meaningful impact.

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