First Semester of Bachelor of Witchcraft Degree Turns Chaotic

Machakos University launched a Bachelor’s Degree course in witchcraft early in 2021, with classes commencing in April 2021. Our reporters followed up with the University to know what has been happening since the first batch of students reported, up to now just after the first semester ended.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Witchcraft received a lot of negative media attention, and most of what was reported in the media was inaccurate. Machakos University did not communicate effectively about the course, hence the major course of misinformation.

Due to pressure from different stakeholders, the University had decided to call off the intake and wait for an appropriate time. However, all the communication about cancellation of the course sent from the University did not reach the students. Emails got stuck in the outbox folder and no IT guru could explain why.  In fact, most of the potential students had already paid the school fees and registered with the university even before the fees structure was released. Once a witch locks their eyes on a target, there is no turning back.

The classes that have been going on at night have also proved to be a challenge. Both students and teachers have been using random rooms, even the VC’s office. Some students were found to turn in their assignments even before lecturers would give the assignments. In one unit, the exam questions were magically changed after printing, and every student scored 100%. This has left the Dean of School of Humanities and Social Sciences confused, but is afraid to investigate the matter.

The students also engaged in non-conventional games and a fist fight turned nasty when a student decided to apply their classroom knowledge to win the fight. Different weapons and fighters were summoned from strange places and the fight turned into a full-blown war. One student summoned dead bodies from a nearby cemetery and all of a sudden, he had over 300 people fighting on his side.

Change of Rules

Following the eventful semester, the University has decided to make some changes that will allow the special students to coexist with the faculty and normal students. These include:

  • Hiring a dean dedicated for the course; an experienced witch from Haiti.
  • The university has banned students from applying anything they learn in class at school.
  • Any student found acting against a fellow student, faculty, support staff or the University in general will be dealt with traditionally by the dean.
  • Student must commit to use their skills for the betterment of the country.

The 34 students will now proceed for attachment in various places within the wider Machakos region, and most are eyeing strategic jobs with politicians during the 2022 general elections.

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