Country Likely to Experience Dry Conditions If It Does Not Rain Soon – Meteorology Department Warns

The country is likely to suffer from drought if we do not receive rainfall soon the met department has warned. According to Deputy Director of Kenya Meteorological department (KMD), Bernard Chanzu the lack of rain was due to absence of clouds.

He also clarified that the current chilly conditions being experienced were due to the long distance from the sun.
“The story of the cold weather begins in the southern hemisphere, which is experiencing winter as it is far away from the sun at this time of the year. The southern hemisphere is the area of the Earth that is south of the Equator. That is why it also colder at night because the sun is not there.” He explained.

He also predicted that the cold season will continue until we enter the warmer months.

The meteorology department has also cautioned Kenyans to be prepared that the month of August is likely to be followed by September which will have 30 days. Responding to a question on weather forecasting, Mr Chanzu clarified that the meteorology department only predict events after they occur.

“That is why we are so accurate, it’s all science.” He added.

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